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Online Learning


What is an Online teaching period?

An Online teaching period is made up of six-week study blocks, during which a course of the program is taught. There are a total of six online teaching periods every year, with a two week break in between (there is an extended break over Christmas)

If I study online, do I have to attend any face-to-face classes or exams?

Online programs are delivered 100% online, including all your lectures and classes. In most cases, there are no exams, you'll be assessed on practical and authentic assignments you can use in your current or future role.

What is accelerated online learning?

Accelerated online learning simply means that we condense each course in to 6 weeks of teaching. Therefore you can focus your time into bursts of learning built into your weekly routine, job and daily commitments.

What technology will I need to complete the degree?

We recommend you use a computer with the following specifications:

  • sufficient memory and processor speed to handle files such as multimedia and video
  • a fast broadband, cable or satellite internet connection
  • a webcam and microphone
  • general business software such as word processing, presentations and spreadsheets 

If I study online, what will my testamur say?

As an online student, your certificate will not differentiate from those who study on campus. Your certificate will state the following:

  • The University
  • Your name
  • Title of program completed
  • Date of completion
  • Signed by the Vice Chancellor

What is a LMS?

A Learning Management System system (LMS) is an application software used to deliver education/training courses. The University provides most of its learning and teaching resources through MyUni, our online learning management system. After you have enrolled, you will see your courses appear in this system. In the meantime, it is worth downloading the MyUni mobile App.

What support can I expect during my studies?

If you are offered a place on one of our programs and successfully complete enrollment you will have your own dedicated student success advisor who will support you throughout your studies.

Are scholarships available for online study?

Unfortunately, there are no online-specific scholarships but you are welcome to apply for a university-wide scholarship. 

The government also offers scholarships such as this one for rural and regional students.



What are the Entry requirements for the Graduate Diploma in Data Science (Applied)?

Undergraduate Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) with a 4.5 GPA or above, as well as SACE Level 2 Maths Methods.

What is deemed as equivalent for SACE Level 2 Maths Methods?


Mathematical Studies

(Does not meet Maths entry requirements)

Mathematical Methods

(Meets Maths entry requirements)

Specialist Mathematics

(Meets Maths entry requirements)

ACT Mathematics Methods (major)
Specialist Mathematics (major-minor)
Mathematical Applications Specialist Mathematics (double major)
NSW Mathematics Extension 1
General Mathematics Mathematics Extension 2
QLD Mathematics A Mathematics B Mathematics C
TAS Mathematical Methods Mathematics Applied Mathematics Specialised
VIC Mathematical Methods Further Mathematics Specialist Mathematics
WA Mathematics 3C/3D Mathematics 3A/3B Specialist Mathematics 3C/3D
IB Mathematics (HL)
Passed at minimum Grade 3 Mathematics (SL) 
Passed at minimum Grade 4
Mathematics (HL)
Passed at minimum Grade 3 Mathematics (SL) 
Passed at minimum Grade 4
Mathematics (HL)
Passed at minimum Grade 3


If you are still unclear or have studied Maths overseas or at university, please call one of our Student Advisors who will be happy to help on 1300 291 117.



How do I apply?

You'll need to visit the application portal and set up an account. Once you have registered your details, you will be able to start the application form and upload all your supporting evidence.
Entry requirements differ between each program so remember to take note of the criteria and documents you will be required to provide.
Application Portal can be found here:

Do my documents need to be certified?

Your documents do not need to be certified. You will need to provide a scanned copy of your previous qualifications, as well an official academic transcript. 

How long does it take to complete the application?

The application process will take about 10 minutes if you have all of your supporting documentation ready. 

What happens after I've submitted my application?

Once submitted, we will be in touch within 48 hours to confirm we have received your application.