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Important Dates

Important Dates

It’s important you be aware of the following dates, so your application to start studying with us will be processed before the relevant closing date.

2020 Dates


9 December 2019 OTP1 - Applications close (midnight ACST)
20 December 2019 OTP1 - Last day of enrolment (midnight ACST)
13 January 2020 OTP1 - Teaching starts (5pm ACST)
24 January 2020 OTP1 - Census (midnight ACST)
24 February 2020 OTP1 - Teaching ends (5pm ACST)
17 February 2020 OTP2 - Applications close (midnight ACST)
21 February 2020 OTP2 - Last day of enrolment (midnight ACST)
10 March 2020 OTP2 - Teaching starts (5pm ACST)
20 March 2020 OTP2 - Census (midnight ACST)
27 April 2020 OTP2 - Teaching ends (5pm ACST)
20 April 2020 OTP3 - Applications close (midnight ACST)
24 April 2020 OTP3 - Last day of enrolment (midnight ACST)
11 May 2020 OTP3 - Teaching starts (5pm ACST)
22 May 2020 OTP3 - Census (midnight ACST)
22 June 2020 OTP3 - Teaching ends (5pm ACST)
15 June 2020 OTP4- Applications close (midnight ACST)
19 June 2020 OTP4- Last day of enrolment (midnight ACST)
6 July 2020 OTP4- Teaching starts (5pm ACST)
17 July 2020 OTP4- Census  (midnight ACST)
17 August 2020 OTP4- Teaching ends (5pm ACST)


Information Webinars

We regularly host online webinars where you can meet our Course Coordinators and Enrolment Advisors. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the program and courses on offer as well ask any questions which you may have about online study, assessments and the support on offer.

Register for our upcoming information webinars below. 


Course Coordinator



Graduate Diploma in Data Science (Applied)

Dr Nickolas Falkner

Wednesday 11th December

6-7pm ACST


Graduate Diploma in Data Science (Applied) Dr Nickolas Falkner

Wednesday, 18th September 

6-7pm ACST

View recording
Graduate Diploma in Psychology Dr Lynn Ward

Monday 2nd December

6-7pm ACST

View recording