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How to enrol

Enrolling into your courses is super easy. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the key dates and enrol before the enrolment close dates

To see what exciting upcoming courses are available for your program, use this navigation tool to find out. If you are unsure which carousel you belong to, please refer to your course schedule below. 


Subject Area

Course Schedule


Graduate Diploma in Psychology 2021 / 2022
Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) 2021/2022


Graduate Certificate in Business Administration 2021 / 2022
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2021 / 2022
Master of Business Administration (Health Management) 2021 / 2022
Master of Business Administration (Information Technology) 2021 / 2022

Computer Science

Data Science Programs (Applied) 2021 / 2022
Cyber Security Programs 2021/2022











If you’re a continuing student, follow the below steps to successfully enrol in your course - and if you’re a new student, scroll down to the next lot of instructions. 

Continuing student

STEP 1 Log in to Access Adelaide using your a-number and password

STEP 2 Click on the Students tab on the left-hand menu 

STEP 3 Click on the Enrolment tab 

STEP 4 Select your Online Teaching Period 

STEP 5 Click Add and then Search 

STEP 6 Search by Subject Area according to your course schedule and then click Search 

STEP 7 Click Add against the course you're undertaking 

STEP 8 Click Save to submit your enrolment. 


New student

STEP 1 Create your Adelaide account and password, using your Student ID 

STEP 2 Activate your University of Adelaide email address 

STEP 3 Complete your checklist via the EnrolMe system  

Please note that as an online student there are some steps that will not apply to you. You can skip the "Get your study plan" and "Plan your timetable" sections by clicking 'Next'. Your Student Success Advisor will assist you with these once you are enrolled.


Need assistance?

Remember, if you have any questions or need assistance, you can always reach call us on 1300 294 092.