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Graduate Certificate
in Cyber Security


8 months part-time



Start date

26th October

Study mode


  1. Quickly and confidently respond to the urgent demand for cyber security professionals in Australia. Apply now.
  2. Gain experience using a wide range of cyber security tools and techniques drawn from today’s real-world business contexts, 100% online.
  3. Obtain a highly reputable cyber security graduate certificate to demonstrate your ability to boost organisational resilience against cyber criminals.

Expert guidance, real experiences

Hone your cyber security skills through experiencing
authentic scenarios. 

Industry-aligned curriculum

We work with industry and government representatives to ensure coursework is relevant and up-to-the-minute. 

World-renowned university

Announce your reliability and enduring capabilities 
with a Group of Eight qualification.

Build on your IT expertise

Join a community of mid-career 
IT professionals who are also 
passionate about protecting Australia's
digital future from cyber attacks.

Technology meets people

Cyber security is a management process and a technical challenge. Master both. 

Workforce ready in 8 months.

Study online and complete  this cyber security program in only eight months - while you keep working. 

Master real-world cyber security tools

Kali Linux

Kali Linux

Experience using the most popular security Linux distribution that comes pre-loaded with many security assessment and computer forensics tools. 

Virtual Hack Lab

Virtual Hack Lab

Connect to our Virtual Hack Lab environment via an OpenVPN client installed by default on Kali Linux. 

Online Penetration Testing Environments

Online Penetration Testing Environments

Use various online platforms (like HackInBox) to test and advance your skills in penetration testing and cyber security. 

Cybersecurity Challenge Australia

Cybersecurity Challenge Australia

Participate in CySCA, a “hacking” competition run by a partnership between the Australian Government, business and academic professionals.  

Real case studies

Real case studies

Real case studies and applications are used in all four courses through expert guest speakers working in cyber security industry and government roles.

Flexible online learning

Studying online gives you the freedom to study on your terms.  

Six week teaching periods: Upskill faster by completing one subject every six weeks.  

What will my assignments be? All assessments and coursework are 100% online. Types of assessments include quizzes, case studies, scenarios and simulations. 

What skills will I gain?  

  • Technical cyber security capabilities in an area of specialisation  
  • effective and influential communication skills  
  • awareness, vigilance and adaptability to the constantly changing online environment 
  • understanding of cyber security management concepts, risk management and security architecture.  

Apply now and take advantage of the skyrocketing cyber security job market.  

"The best way to hone your cyber security skills is to safely experience what really happens in the field – under expert guidance." - Dr. Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup, Program Coordinator 

Career paths and opportunities

Cyber security career paths are diverse and rewarding - spanning both technical and business management. Our cyber security certification will help you launch or progress your career as a cyber generalist – and get qualified to work as a Data Security, Information Security, Business or Risk Analyst; Cyber Policy Maker; Cyber Security Administrator or Advisor; or System Security Engineer.  


Cyber crime costs Australian businesses $29 billion per year. The Australian Federal and state governments continue to heavily invest in cyber security to protect Australia’s digital infrastructure and reduce national security risks. Apply now and help develop policy and guidelines tomorrow. 


Healthcare is increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals. Strengthen and monitor the health sector’s systems by conducting checks and benchmark data - using your skills gained from this cyber security graduate certificate. 


Australia’s financial services companies are the largest users of cyber security in the country. They account for almost one-third of the nationwide security demand. Follow this career path and become an analyst who spots network security vulnerabilities and improves the design and the delivery of services. 

  • Political institutions and policy-making - POLIS 7024OL

    This cyber security course covers policy making principles in Australia. Learn about the political context in which debates about cyber security and other international relations issues take place; which will guide your work as a cyber security practitioner. In this course, you will learn how institutions: 

    • define a problem  
    • set an agenda 
    • communicate to the primary political actors and stakeholders  
    • influence institutional decision-making 
    • implement and review policy. 
  • Business data and cyber security - COMMGMT 7023OL

    Protecting valuable business data requires constant cybersecurity awareness and vigilance. In this cyber security course you will discover common vulnerabilities, decision making factors and problem solving methods to confidently address and communicate cyber security threats. 

  • Cyber security fundamentals - COMP SCI 7308OL

    Experience the real-world cyber security challenges that organisations face and the best ways to address them – through examining both an attacker's and defender’s perspective. 

    Hear about common attack and defence strategies used against software, web applications, networks, operating systems, cryptographic systems as well as people’s behaviour. The course will also introduce cybersecurity management concepts, including:  

    • security operations  
    • risk management 
    • security engineering  
    • security architecture. 

    Hear about the vast array of exciting career paths available to you in the cyber security field. 

  • Information risks, threats and controls - COMMGMT 7025OL

    Cyber security risk management and assurance are critical to all aspects of all businesses – from finance, branding, legal, OH&S to operations - and this course focuses on critical infrastructure and enterprise-level threats.  

    Learn about the vulnerabilities the digital age has introduced from a broad organisational-wide perspective, and how these impacts can be mitigated with assessments, policies and implementation plans.  

Entry requirements

To be eligible for the Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security online, you will need to meet any one of the following entry requirements: 

  1. A bachelor’s degree  

Bachelor of Computer Science (or an equivalent Information Technology degree with similar levels of programming to a Computer Science degree) with a GPA of 4.5. 


  1. Work experience  

Relevant work experience, including programming experience, of at least 3 years in Computer Science or Cyber Security roles. 


  1. Work experience + prior learning

Diploma or above in Networking and IT plus 2 years relevant work experience, including programming experience. 

Please call our online admissions team on 1300 241 539 if you require any assistance with the above entry requirements (Monday to Friday, 8:30AM – 5PM ACST/ADST).  

Apply now to strengthen your job security and practical cyber security skills.  

What is the total cost?

The total cost of the online Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security online is $13,992 or $3,498 per course.


Is there FEE-HELP available?

Yes, Australian citizens are eligible for a HELP loan. You must also be enrolled in a postgraduate program with the University of Adelaide by the enrolment deadline (census), and have not reached the HELP loan limit.  Once you have been offered a place in a University of Adelaide program, you will be able to apply for a HELP loan as a part of the enrolment process. Please see our FAQs section for further details.  

How to apply

Step 1 – Check your eligibility  

It’s important to have a solid grasp of basic programming and cyber security concepts before undertaking our Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security online. Please see the Entry Requirements tab for more detail on work experience and recognition of prior learning.

Our online admissions team are available on 1300 241 539 if you require any assistance with the entry requirements (Monday to Friday, 8:30AM – 5PM ACST/ADST). 


Step 2 - Create an account and apply 

  • Confirm the application close date of the next teaching period by checking the Important Dates page to avoid missing out.
  • Create an account via the University of Adelaide Application Portal
  • Complete application form and upload supporting documents which include:
    • valid photo ID (passport or driver's licence)
    • proof of citizenship / permanent residency
    • transcripts from your complete bachelor's degree, diploma or certificate (if applicable)
    • change of name documents if applicable (e.g marriage certificate)
    • English language requirements (if you are an international applicant).

You’ll be hearing from our admissions team in the coming weeks who will confirm the outcome of your application. 

Step 3 - Enrol 

If your application is successful, you will then need to enrol in preparation for the start of the teaching period. You’ll need to register for a student ID and activate your student email address. The EnrolMe System will then guide you through the process of enrolling into your first course.  

Reserve your spot in our next intake on the 26th of October now. Apply now.

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