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Discover an online alternative to an honours in psychology

The pathway towards becoming a registered psychologist is an extremely valuable and rewarding experience for those with a passion for helping others. Psychology is also a growing industry that has been further accelerated by the mental health effects of COVID-19. The Black Dog Institute, a not-for-profit organisation for mental health, found that 80 per cent of people using their service were psychologically affected by the coronavirus pandemic. By contributing to a chosen psychological practice, you can elevate your understanding of the mind and help others become better versions of themselves. 

Our online Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) is a fourth year online honours-equivalent program which prepares students for both working in the field of psychology and further postgraduate studies. Read about some useful advantages of online learning and make an informed decision about your fourth-year psychology study options.

Helpful information about an online honours-equivalent in psychology

You can shape your journey to becoming a professional psychologist to suit your lifestyle needs. There are different study options available that can help you reach certification. Many students may be unaware that they can in fact study an honours-equivalent course 100% online.   


Studying fourth-year psychology online is a recognised pathway to becoming registered 

After completing a bachelors degree in psychology or a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, (a bridging course for those who did not complete an undergraduate degree in psychology), the next step towards registration is either an on-campus honours in psychology or an online honours-equivalent program. This equivalent would be the Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced), which provides students with the same world-class education and resources as the on-campus program.

Both types of content delivery, whether on-campus or online, are recognised as a fourth-year psychology program and will facilitate entry to a further postgraduate studies (such as a masters, doctorate or PhD). There are a plethora of benefits to online learning that provide a worthwhile option for students looking to continue their studies in order to become a registered psychologist.  


Study psychology online for more flexibility 

Becoming a psychologist requires a substantial amount of time studying and often comes with waiting periods. Our online Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) has six intakes per year which gives you the flexibility to start studying when you’re ready. Taking control of your timeline and starting your degree faster means that you’ll be on track with fewer delays.

Remote learning can provide all the necessary knowledge and tools through an advanced virtual environment. There’s no need to relocate to meet your fourth-year psychology study requirements, as an online honours equivalent allows you to study from your chosen location and enjoy a vibrant, holistic and thorough online study experience

Continue working whilst studying psychology online

You can maintain a full-time job and seamlessly fit online study into your lifestyle. Many students wish to continue working while they study, which can be difficult when undertaking on-campus learning. Additionally, many masters programs value psychology-related work experience and studying online can provide more opportunities to do so. The University of Adelaide has developed a Study Planner to help students fit online study into their current working schedule and manage time efficiently. To make progress towards your goal of becoming a registered psychologist, without sacrificing financial commitments, consider doing both simultaneously within an online Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced). 


Students will benefit from research excellence

New technological advancements have enhanced online studies even further, providing students with the same study outcomes as their on-campus peers. Students undertaking a Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) are guided through their online learning experience by academic supervisors and experienced psychology tutors. The tutors cover the coursework and the supervisors assist students with the research project at the end of the program. Students will collaboratively conduct the research with fellow students to reflect the real-world research project environment. 


Your way to a masters degree in psychology and beyond

The Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) is a 100% online program that allows you to explore your passion for the human mind while taking the next step towards your goal of becoming a registered psychologist. The University of Adelaide is a proud member of the Group of Eight, which is comprised of Australia’s leading universities. Take advantage of the unparalleled support, resources and reputation that studying at a Group of Eight University has to offer.

To learn why a Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) is an ideal choice for aspiring psychologists wanting to progress their study pathway, make an appointment to speak with an advisor today. 

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