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Why an MBA is Still Relevant for Modern Business Challenges

So you’re thinking about an MBA but you may be concerned that they are too old fashioned. MBAs have indeed been around for at least 100 years. Over that time, MBAs have raised CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs from all walks of life and they’ve always changed with the times. But does the promise of an MBA hold true over a century later?

Here’s why an MBA remains the best way to enhance your performance and catapult your career.

A qualification to lead the future

Relying on textbook strategies may have been enough to win in the past, but today is far too unpredictable for cookie-cutter management. The University of Adelaide’s online MBA instead will equip you with frameworks that help you make tough decisions and stay adaptive. You won’t just learn the theory either, but given the tools to drive innovative outputs and action. 


Evolve with the times

People now demand that organisations operate beyond the primacy of profit. Once considered a bonus, ethical business trading is essential. The team behind the University of Adelaide online know this and have included socially responsible and ethical management as a core component of the online MBA program.  


An unrivalled networking opportunity

A Linkedin Survey found that 88% of professionals consider networking important for career success and relationship building is often cited as one of the biggest benefits of undergoing an MBA. It makes sense; students have regular and meaningful time with like-minded senior professionals. An added benefit of doing your MBA online is that your community will include the wisdom from people from all over the globe. 


Recognition across the globe

Each country, sector and market may operate differently, but they all recognise and respect the MBA. So if you ever dream of working overseas or switching careers, an MBA will immediately imbue credibility. There are major benefits closer to home too. The esteemed qualification is sure to boost your level of respect in your current workplace. 


Transformational personal development

You may think that MBAs are either too lofty or too technical. No matter how senior you are - or want to become - broad foundational knowledge will always keep you one step ahead. There’s no better way to achieve a holistic skillset than an MBA. But MBAs go further than simply imparting skills and knowledge. Many of our students experience incredible and transformational personal growth. You need to know the real you before you can lead others and an MBA gives you the space and tools for deeper introspection and development. 

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