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Progress Your Career with an Online MBA

There’s no need to wait until you’ve finished your MBA to start considering career progression. No matter which MBA program you’re thinking of enrolling in, students can experience career growth while studying by leveraging both their learnings and the reputation of their institution.

Rather than putting your career on hold until you've graduated, this article will guide you on what an online MBA can do for you and how to make the most of personal and professional development opportunities.

Involve your employer while studying an MBA online

Rather than studying in secret, keeping your employer up to speed will help you reap the benefits of your MBA sooner. Any apprehensions your employer may have about your plans to study will likely be offset by the MBA’s esteemed reputation. Findings from the GMAC 2018 Corporate Recruiters Survey report released by the Graduate Management Admission Council revealed that 90 percent of responding employers in the Asia Pacific region plan to make MBA hires. This indicates the significant respect employers have for MBA graduates. 

Online MBA Career Progression with Hiring Projections


If you’re worried that studying may interfere with your productivity at work, online MBAs offer the flexibility you’ll need to achieve work-life balance. Enrolling in an online program will give you the freedom to study whenever and wherever you want while still receiving support from your university, such as flexible contact hours with faculty, career advice and easy access to online resources. This means you won’t have to leave the office early to attend lectures or exams, so you can continue working full-time while studying. 

Allowing your employer to join you on your MBA journey will demonstrate your commitment to self-development, improving your chances of being considered for advancement opportunities. Your employer may even be willing to cover some of the cost of your MBA if you can prove the program is relevant to your role. Start your MBA journey by setting up that conversation with your employer. 

Apply your newfound knowledge

The whole point of comlpeting an MBA is to enhance your knowledge, so why delay in putting your new practical and technical skills to the test? Applying the business principles taught and skills learned in your online MBA program will allow your managers and co-workers to see the practical value in your studies. For instance, the University of Adelaide’s online MBA includes an Entrepreneurial Mindset course, which teaches students how to recognise opportunities, adaptive decision-making and critical thinking skills, and the ability to experiment and apply problem solving techniques. Applying these skills in the workplace will strengthen your leadership potential. 

In addition to acquiring tangible business skills, completing an MBA can also boost your confidence. More than just a postgraduate qualification, the MBA is an experience designed to develop leadership skills and qualities in students. Many students approach the MBA with career progression in mind but lack the formal qualifications and confidence to achieve their ambitions. As you progress with your online MBA program, the more your confidence will shine through your work. 

The confidence gained from completing an MBA can be significant, as you’ll confront some of the most common challenges managers face in modern workplaces. Instead of feeling out of your depth, you’ll be prepared to thrive as a business leader in high-pressure circumstances. 


Make the most of business networking opportunities

According to the QS MBA Applications and Aspirations 2018 report, 30 percent of MBA applicants cited ‘to build a professional network’ as one of their main reasons for pursuing an MBA. As an MBA student, you’ll be surrounded by a network of like-minded peers and leading university teachers. This network can propel your career growth even in the earliest stages of your studies. 

The University of Adelaide's online MBA program is designed to teach students the value of corporate communication and collaboration. From virtual classrooms to in-person meetings, students are given opportunities to build their professional network in a range of settings. If you’re worried that studying online may not offer the same networking opportunities as an on-campus program, consider the importance of online connections in today’s hiring landscape. A third of all employers use social networking sites during the hiring process (according to Forbes), demonstrating the importance of building networks in the digital space. 

An online MBA’s networking opportunities differ from on-campus programs in the way it gives students a chance to connect with a broad group of people. In addition to communicating with likeminded students in Australia, you’ll also have access to peers from all over the world. This will give you the chance to develop a unique global perspective on emerging business trends

Over the course of your studies, you’ll be able to grow this network to the point where it will become a driving force behind your career progression. 


It’s possible to progress your career with an MBA as soon as you start studying. Focused on collaborative learning, the University of Adelaide’s MBA programs are designed to help students adapt to the ever-changing modern business world.

To learn more about our MBA options and how they can benefit your career, make an appointment to speak with a university advisor today.

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