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Is A Data Science Course Worth It?

The importance of data continues to grow as businesses become increasingly reliant on data insights to drive strong business performance. To match this growing demand, a range of online data science courses and certifications have emerged to help professionals gain the right skills needed to pursue a career in the field.

With so many different specialised data science certifications and upskilling options now available, you make be asking yourself what the right data science course is for you. Are you looking to upskill in order to earn your next promotion? Does your dream data science job require a formal qualification? Or are you wanting to round out your current technical ability with a more holistic skillset?

While short courses can be a good option for those looking to fill specific missing technical skills, accredited programs and certificates offer formal recognition of your skills, proving to employers that you have met industry and university level benchmarks, while providing you with the confidence to step into data science roles.

This article explores some of the key advantages of data science degrees and earning an accredited data science certification.

Gain a holistic data science skillset

The breadth of data science and data analytics is broad and gaining a holistic skillset can be difficult without the right guidance. A Graduate Certificate in Data Science does not limit your place within the industry or label you to a specific area. Rather it gives you a broader understanding of the multifaceted industry requirements allowing for greater flexibility when it comes to pursuing a career path.

Gain an insight into the data science benefits and how an expansive understanding will provide you with a competitive edge against other data science professionals as you will not only understand the end-to-end process, but also possess the communication skills needed to present your insights to business partners and non-technical departments.

Benefits of doing a data science certificationYour degree is a formally recognised qualification

Many data science positions, especially within government, require an official and formally recognised qualification.

If you are taking the time and making the financial investment in your professional future, it’s worthwhile investing in a data science certification from an accredited institution whose program curriculum meets industry and university level benchmarks.

Higher earning potential with a Graduate Certificate in Data Science

Undertaking further education and receiving a formal qualification can make you a more desirable candidate for roles. This, in turn, can increase your earning potential as you are able to take on more responsibility. Additionally, coming into a role, job-ready with demonstrated expertise signals to employers that you can confidently execute deliverables without the need to be upskilled on the job.

Graduate Certificates provides technical training

An Applied Graduate Certificate in Data Science offers real-world data science training. With a mixture of theoretical and hands-on training, applied data science certifications provide students with the technical skills needed to step into data science roles right after graduation.

Choosing a data science qualification which is taught by industry professionals using real-world examples,  guarantees you’ll be at the forefront of the data science industry when you graduate.

A strong university reputation provides a competitive advantage

Studying data science at a recognised institution that specialises in higher education provides you with a competitive advantage over other data science professionals.

The University of Adelaide is one of Australia’s top universities, it is a Group of Eight University (Go8), a prestigious coalition for leading tertiary education providers. Gaining a Graduate Certificate from a Go8 signals to employers around the world that you have a high-quality, prestigious, and well-rounded qualification.

Serves as a pathway into a Master of Data Science

If you’re wanting to pursue a Master of Data Science (Applied) but do not yet meet the eligibility criteria, a Graduate Certificate in Data Science (Applied) can offer a professional pathway.

The University of Adelaide’s Graduate Certificate in Data Science (Applied) covers the first four courses of the master’s program, allowing students to receive their graduate certificate while simultaneously taking the first step towards earning their masters. 

Undertaking a Graduate Certificate in Data Science (Applied) offers professionals formal recognition of their studies while opening up future educational pathways. If you are looking to develop a holistic skillset which provides you with a competitive advantage, then the University of Adelaide’s 100% online Graduate Certificate in Data Science (Applied) could be the right choice for you.

Designed to fit into a professional’s busy lifestyle seamlessly, this program is taught in blocks of six weeks, so you are able to focus on one course at a time while graduating in just eight months.

To learn more about how a Graduate Certificate in Data Science (Applied) can help you gain data skills from a top university, book in a time to speak with an advisor today.

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