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Geoff Birt Online MBA Alumni Interview

Banking professional Geoff Birt graduated from his University of Adelaide Master of Business Administration Online in 2022 and has already noticed the benefits of this qualification in his working life. Through his MBA studies, Geoff was able to further his leadership capabilities and expand his knowledge, both in the banking sector as well as other industries. 

Geoff Birt An Online MBA student at University of Adelaide‘The MBA gave me wonderful generalist knowledge from a leadership perspective—knowledge that can be applied across multiple industries and beyond the one that I’m currently in’.  


Practice skill building outside of current work environment 

‘My writing skills improved - one thing that really helped my career, which I wasn’t aware of at the start, was how the MBA really helped my professional writing skills at work. Having presentations as part of assessments is a very practical element across every course,’ Geoff said. ‘Even my leader at work has commented on how much my professional writing and presentation confidence has improved since I graduated. These are practical skills I never knew that would really help my career.’ 

The range of practical subjects offered in the MBA enabled Geoff to immediately improve his current role. And not just skills for his own department. ‘I really enjoyed the marketing course. I'm not a marketer by trade, but it gave me a broad overview and helps when I work with my colleagues.’ 


Online learning offers boundless flexibility 

Geoff was able to balance fulltime work in the banking industry and his studies thanks to the flexibility offered by the Master of Business Administration Online. ‘You can keep up to date with everything on your phone’, he said. ‘I travel a lot for my role, and I wanted an online platform where tutors respond quickly’. Geoff also felt reassured that he would never fall behind due to the flexibility offered by course recordings. With commuting and the on-campus element of study removed, an online degree offered more time to focus on study. 


High levels of support across the student journey 

‘Every tutor was very responsive. They went that extra mile to help me with courses I didn’t have a background in’, he said. Each tutor promptly addressed any challenge Geoff faced to avoid any delay in the intensive six week teaching block.  

‘The Student Success team also got back to me really quickly’. He found comfort in knowing there was always someone there to help him find the answer he was looking for.  


Build upon traditional networking opportunities 

According to the QS MBA Applications and Aspirations 2018 report, the primary reason for pursuing an MBA for 30 percent of applicants was to build a professional network. Although some may assume that networking is limited to ‘in person’ interactions, online networking also offers limitless potential to form meaningful connections. 

Geoff found that the exposure to other industries was helpful to his own role as it brought fresh perspectives. ‘There’s an incentive to show up to the live sessions to build community with your cohort and build connections with peers within other industries’. These relationships were then continued after the program on LinkedIn and in person.  


Join our Master of Business Administration alumni 

Learn more about Geoff’s experience by watching our on-demand webinar where he discusses the Master of Business Administration online with a University of Adelaide tutor and a member of our Enrolment Advisor team.  

The University of Adelaide’s MBA is the best way to kick start the next chapter of your career. Visit the Master of Business Administration program page to learn more or make an appointment to speak with an advisor today.  


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