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A guide to cyber security jobs & salaries in Australia

Online activity continues to grow in Australia each year with in 10 Australians accessing the internet daily. The impacts of 2020 saw a large portion of businesses transition to remote working, the sharing of information and data online has been more active than ever before. While this changing commercial landscape has given employees greater flexibility, it has put businesses at a heightened risk of experiencing cybercrime. The need for more qualified cyber security workers has increased due to this, and we are seeing some IT positions evolve into cyber security jobs. 

Due to the current skills shortage within Australia’s cyber security sector, the federal government has agreed to invest $1.35 billion towards cyber security resources to help strengthen cyber safety for safer online activity amongst Australian users. As forecasted by CSIRO, the cyber security industry is estimated to triple its revenue over the coming decade as spending on cyber security becomes a central concern for businesses. Australia’s cyber security industry is young, but growing at a rapid rate with 53% of Australia's cyber companies established after 2015.  

Given the present landscape, there is a greater opportunity to pursue a career in cyber security, guaranteeing both job security and a substantial income. In an everchanging technological world, there is an increased expectation that IT professionals are formally skilled in cyber security. Completing a Master of Cyber Security demonstrates the ability to adapt to current trends and avoid falling behind the market. It provides the opportunity to broaden your skillset and seek an attractive cyber security salary.  

cyber security jobs

Discover key cyber security career paths  

Undertaking a masters program will be highly advantageous when pursuing the following cyber security jobs in Australia. 

Senior computer scientist job outlook 

Average salary in Australia: Between $98,000 - $186,000  

A Senior Computer Scientist’s role is to provide ongoing support to large businesses by developing and maintaining computer-based tools to help enhance their digital operations. Computer scientists are essentially the brains behind constructing large computer systems through the use of coding and mathematics. They lead the research and development team to continuously create new product offerings.  

A computer scientist will traditionally possess the following skills: 

Software development, mathematical skills, excellent analytical and tracing skills.  


Information Security Manager job outlook 

Average salary in Australia: Between $99,000 - $187,000  

An Information Security Manager’s main role is to help protect businesses from experiencing any perceived cyber threats and security risk management. This includes creating computer-based systems that improve both detection and response time to potential cyber threats. Responsible for handling a team of IT professionals, they work to ensure easy access to data whilst ensuring both confidentiality and anti-corruption.  

An Information Security Manager will traditionally possess the following skills: 

Security analysis, security intrusion detection, computer security, security information and event management (SIEM), security risk management, project management. 


Senior Security Consultant job outlook 

Average salary in Australia: Between $89,000 - $155,000 

The primary objective of this role is to formulate effective system security recommendations for their organisation to adopt. A senior security consultant will use their expertise to provide advice on safe information security protocol. They monitor user activities through various tools and software to help detect intruders and prevent cyber corruption. This role involves actively participating in business meetings as well as leading cyber security training sessions for employees. This role will require previous experience in consulting.  

A Senior Security Consultant analyst will traditionally possess the following skills: 

Analytical/ problem-solving skills, great communication, ability to prepare and deliver reports, risk evaluation. 


Forensic Computer Analyst job outlook 

Average salary in Australia: Between $71,000 - $119,000  

The forensic computer analyst is responsible for analysing user patterns and various computer programs to help recover vital information that may be used as forensic evidence. Their role is to act on any potential cyber breach that may be detrimental to the business. Forensic computer analysts have a high responsibility in handling sensitive financial or personal information on behalf of their organisation.  

A forensic computer analyst will traditionally possess the following skills: 

Analytical/problem-solving skills, methodical/well-organised, attention to detail, knowledge of law and investigation, cryptography. 


Senior Cyber Intelligence Analyst job outlook 

Average salary in Australia: Between $122,000 – $156,000 

A senior cyber intelligence analyst protects the organisation’s security and integrity by personally developing cyber systems and networks that help gather and analyse raw, primary and secondary data to prevent cyber threats. Their key objective is to essentially out-smart cyber criminals and ensure their organisation can share data and information in a cyber safe environment. This role requires a proficiency in network security, troubleshooting and programming languages.  

A senior cyber intelligence expert will traditionally possess the following skills: 

Cyber security, cloud security, cryptography, IT security. 


IT manager job outlook 

Average salary in Australia: Between $70,000 - $148,000 

In addition to managing the IT department, the IT manager will also oversee all network technology, IT security and software platforms. It is their primary role to ensure data and information is accessible to the appropriate people and that staff are using an efficient online system that prevents any cyber breach from taking place. The IT manager will ensure their business runs smoothly, whilst being responsible for resolving any complications that may arise. 

An IT manager will traditionally possess the following skills: 

Project management, people management, network management, IT security and infrastructure.  


Upskill your career in cyber security with the right training  

Actualise these high-level career aspirations with the University of Adelaide’s online Master of Cyber Security, a degree that can prepare the next generation of cyber security leaders. Reach to your full potential and adapt to meet the new-age technology challenges we face and leverage the increased demand for skilled and qualified cyber security professionals in the industry. 

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