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Cyber Security in Australia: The growing demand for specialists

The growing prevalence and complexity of cyber attacks have placed cyber security as a crucial concern for businesses around the country. In 2020 alone, the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme was notified of 518 data breaches, with ‘cyber’ accounting for 61% of these. However, as Australian businesses strive to increase their cyber security capabilities they are met with a severe shortage of job-ready cyber security workers. 

This need for qualified cyber security specialists has been further intensified by the recent effects of COVID-19 which drove Australian businesses to shift their operations to online and their workforces to remote. With increasing cyber threats and a growing amount of sensitive information circulating online, Australia needs to move quickly to close the cyber security skills gap. 

Cyber security in Australia: an industry snapshot 

As Australians are becoming increasingly reliant on the internet, online industries such as digital infrastructure, data and most importantly, cyber security continue to grow and expand. With eight out of ten Australians accessing the internet daily, the risk of online crime, stolen information and exploitation has grown. Estimated at $1 billion annually, the national price of cybercrime is steep, placing increasing importance on the Australian government to develop a vigorous IT security sector which allows individuals and companies to safely conduct business online. 

On the 30th June 2020, the Australian Federal Government announced an investment of $1.35 billion towards the cyber security industry over the next decade, called the Cyber Enhanced Situational Awareness and Response (CESAR). This investment aims to encourage significant industry growth strengthening a holistic approach to computer security in Australia.  

These are some of the core focuses on cyber security moving forward: 

  • Identify more cyber threats, keeping a vigilant watch over cyberspace. 
  • Intercept these threats, reducing the harm of international cyber criminals. 
  • Build the Australian cyber security force, keeping our defence against cyber attacks as strong as possible. 

Undertaking cyber security will lead to job security 

This government push towards a more secure internet has created an industry shift where most IT teams now require cyber security knowledge in order to service their business’s technological needs. Deloitte's 2019 Digital Pulse found that the technology workforce in Australia is estimated to grow by 100,000 workers between 2018 and 2024. With this projected industry growth comes the continuously growing need for skilled cyber security professionals, making those who possess these skills and qualifications highly sought-after. The shortage of skilled cyber security specialists also means that professionals with these skillsets can demand a higher salary.  

Upskilling into cyber security is easier than you may think  

For those already working in the IT industry, broadening your expertise to cover cyber security will round out your IT skillset boosting your employability. For those looking to take advantage of this strong industry growth by qualifying as a cyber security specialist, formal training is a requirement of most employers, while also allowing graduates to hit the ground running with both an understanding of cyber security principles and the technical ability to implement measures.  

Meeting the job criteria and gaining the skills required in the cyber security industry can be simple with the online Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security. The University of Adelaide’s online program can be completed in eight months and it has a flexible online format which allows you to maintain your work commitments whilst studying. This program uses real-world examples to give you practical skills which make you job-ready. 

To find out more about the entry requirements, speak to one of our enrolment advisors on 1300 241 539 or book in a call today. 

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