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Tips on How to Build Resilience before You Start Studying

As you embark on your online program over the next few months, you’ll start to notice your resilience muscle is getting a bit of a workout. Completing a postgraduate program is an exciting time to meet new people and grow professionally, but it will also require a bit of perseverance.  

“Studying the Adelaide online MBA has definitely helped me build a bit of robustness to my workload and how I manage my time. It’s actually taught me a little bit of resilience and I've definitely noticed it – it's been tangible”. - Toby, current MBA student. 

You may find a topic or assignment challenging, you may not get the marks you want or your workload may increase over for a period of time. No one enjoys these situations, but spending some time now to learn, self-reflect and find inspiration can help you take them in your stride if they crop up in the future.  


Allow yourself time to adjust 

The first hurdle for many of our students is adjusting to online study. Taking on an additional 25 hours of study per week many take a little while to feel normal. But rest assured, we’ve found that many of our students typically settle into their new routine within the first two weeks of coursework.  

If it takes you a little longer, fear not, because we also have many recourses that will help you address your individual challenge. If you find your resilience is running a little low, even if it’s the start of the program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our Student Success Advisors and we’ll be able to have a chat and point you in the right direction.  


Online learning skills meets leadership skills 

If COVID has taught us anything, successfully working, learning and socialising online are not just digital skills, they are important life skills too.  

Many of you have undertaken postgraduate studies because you hope to have a high-impact career in your chosen field and discipline, organisation and the determination honed through online learning will serve you well in your career as a leader.  

Take some time now to hear some inspiration from the world’s best thought leaders on some important online learning and leadership skills such as:  

  • perseverance 
  • motivation  
  • time management 
  • selfcare 

Here is Angela Lee Duckworth’s TED inspiring talk on grit to get you started on your journey.   


Assemble the troops  

Researchers at the Harvard Business School interviewed over 150 successful leaders from 15 organisations and found that a key to their resilience was found in their networks. Their networks had a range of individuals that could help them address specific setbacks, such as: 

  • managing commitments that could be completed by others 
  • problem solve and get clarity about a challenge 
  • empathic support 
  • fun and laughter 
  • remind of purpose and provide perspective  

Spend some time reflecting on which of the above you’ve found most helpful in the past, and who would you turn to for each. It’s rare to have all bases covered so have a think about some acquaintance or colleagues who you could grow over the coming months that could help in even one area. Perhaps it’s a neighbour who could help with school pick up or an old school friend who makes you laugh.  

Don’t forget that you’re about to join a cohort of likeminded individuals who will be going through the exact some program as you. There will be plenty of opportunity to network and connect over your program.  


Building awareness and practical skills for boosting your resilience now will go a long way in helping you overcome any setbacks in the future, be it in study, work or life.