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How to enrol in MathTrackX

How to enrol in MathTrackX

STEP 1: Enrol in MathTrackX 

  1. Head to 
  2. Click either “I’m interested” or “Pursue the Program”
  3. When you create an account with edX, it's important that you enter your full name so that your MathTrackX certificate will display the same name as your Master of Data Science (Applied) application
  4. Fill out your payment details 
  5. At the top of any page, select Dashboard from the dropdown menu icon next to your username, then select the Profile tab. 
  6. Add “GCDS” to your “About Me” section. This will allow us to confirm you are enroled in the program and eligible to upgrade your award to Master of Data Science (Applied) once you’ve completed. Make sure you complete this step before you complete MathTrackX.  


STEP 2: Complete MathTrackX 

  1. Once you have completed MathTrackX, you will receive a verified certificate
  2. You are now ready to upgrade your award to the Master of Data Science. Please send an email to with intention of updating award to Master of Data Science (Applied) using the below information.  
  • Subject: Request for award upgrade, your name, a number 
  • Name: 
  • A Number:  
  • Current program: Graduate Certificate in Data Science (Applied) 
  • Intended program: Master of Data Science (Applied) 
  • Intended commencement online teaching period: 
  • MathTrackX Verified Certificate URL: 
  • Confirm Phone number: 
  • Confirm email address: 
  • Confirm postal address: 


STEP 3: Enrol in Master of Data Science (Applied) 

  1. You will receive the outcome of your application in up to seven business days.  
  2. You will then need to log onto Access Adelaide. You should see both GCert Data Science and M.Data Science active on the Access Adelaide homepage.  
  3. Under Students, go to Enrolment and unenrol from any future Graduate Certificate in Data Science courses you have already enrolled in. Select each course and click Drop under the Action menu. Be sure not to drop the course you are currently studying. 
  4. Now you can enrol into the Master of Data Science courses that are open. Please refer to the Course Schedule if you need to check which course are coming up.  
  5. Now select each teaching period you wish to enrol into. This time, when you select Add under Action, you will need to select Master of Data Science. 


STEP 4: Discontinue Graduate Certificate award.  

  1. Once you’ve complete steps 2 and 3, you can formally discontinue your Graduate Certificate award. Please note that you will need to wait until you have received your final grade for your current course before you can discontinue. 
  2. You need to apply by completing this form.


Congratulations - you’re now a Master of Data Science (Applied) student!