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Connect Your Upcoming Course with Your Future Career

Our postgraduate programs will help you thrive in a diverse range of careers. If you’re hoping to change your current career, some of the topics may initially feel quite foreign to you. Even if you don’t plan on changing your vocation, you may wonder how some of the subjects are relevant to your day job.  

One piece of feedback we continually hear from our students is that they are always surprised about what they take away from each course.  

One of our Master of Data Science (Applied) student Cassie enrolled online to improve her technical expertise. One of her first courses was the less technical Human and ethical factors in computer science which opened her mind to new and important aspects of her work. 

“I did really enjoy the content in the ethics course because it was not something I really thought about before and I found it really unique and useful. I feel like it’s made me think more about certain things. When we did the ethics course we talked about bias in programming and it made me really think about when I’m programming, am I considering the way other people might look at this problem? Do I have biases that are coming out in the things that I program?” - Cassie, current Master of Data Science (Applied) student.  

Cassie was even pleasantly surprised that although the subject included written assignments, there was major practical implications of what she was learning.  

“The other part of the course is about human factors. That’s about thinking about how people look at the screen and what stands out to them, what they think and how useable is it for them”. - Cassie, current Master of Data Science (Applied) student. 

Toby is a business leader with strong operations and strategic skills, but had never considered creativity or marketing as an integral part of his role. Due to this, he was looking forward to the subjects that he saw a direct correlation with his day job. But after completing the Marketing for Managers course, new doors were opened.   

“Right now, the South Australian branch of my company is undergoing a refreshed marketing approach in on the back of what I’ve learnt in the program. I’ve applied everything I learnt, and it’s compounding as well – it's not just individual courses they are all tied together”. - Toby, current MBA student.  

He even loved the intimidating Finance and Accounting subject and particularly enjoyed the unique benefits of studying online.  

“With respect to finance and accounting, we learned a lot more on spreadsheets, and there was the screen-sharing option to see someone work through calculations or the layouts that they would put some of their workings on – that was handy”. - Toby, current MBA student. 

It’s only natural to feel excited or trepidatious about an upcoming subject. But remember that you never know what you’ll get out of it so dive in with an open mind and enjoy!