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Your University of Adelaide Learning Destination

The University of Adelaide Learning Management System (LMS) is MyUni - your 100% online learning platform. 

MyUni is your go-to destination for everything associated with your online learning journey. This includes access to all the materials and information related to your course and lecture recordings. It’s also where all course-related communications with your instructors and peers take place, including options for collaboration and feedback, and where you’ll submit assignments and partake in online quizzes.

To log into MyUni simply type in your University of Adelaide username (which is the letter “a” followed by your student ID) and your password which you created when you enrolled.

Your student orientation module is now live. Log in to MyUni now to access the module and explore the rest of the site.  

We’ve created a useful resource called MyUni Learning Centre which provides you with helpful information about how to use MyUni and to access other support resources. Our Password Manager is the place to go for MyUni password assistance, or you can contact the Service Desk for any other MyUni support.

Last but not least, please don’t hesitate to contact your Student Success Advisor, who can also help you navigate and become familiar with MyUni before classes commence and during your studies.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present to jump onto MyUni and familiarise yourself with your new online classroom.