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Three signs that it’s the right time to change careers

Change is something that we both crave and fear in life, and when it comes to our careers, knowing when to take the big step can sometimes feel challenging. There are many things you can do to find more meaning in your current role, however, sometimes finding the right fit requires changing careers completely. To help you figure out if now is the time to make a move, below are three signs that commonly indicate that it’s time to change your career. 


Stuck in a Rut 

Have you exhausted all options in your current role to increase your skills and responsibility? A lack of growth potential in terms of salary and skills can feel demoralising and leave you feeling stuck in a rut. If this is how you feel, then there’s no better time to start transitioning into a new career.  

On average, people spend just over thirteen years of their lives at work and if you often put in over time, you can factor in almost an additional two years. Considering these statistics, your time is valuable, so why spend it feeling unmotivated.  Having enthusiasm for your work is important, as employers don’t just look for candidates with certain skills and experience, but also people who are passionate about what they do. Being able to demonstrate a passion for your career of choice will show employers that you care about the business at large and in turn, will be motivated to work more productively.  


Dreaming of a different career 

There’s a lot of reasons why you may have ended up in a job that you’re good at, but just don’t enjoy anymore. For example, you may have fallen into one career straight after your initial studies and now realise that your passion for psychology or data science can no longer be left untapped.  

If your mind is constantly distracted by your ‘dream job’ then it might be time to explore it. Feeling undervalued or out growing your current role can be factors pushing you out of your current career- but have you ever thought about what is pulling you towards something else?  

It could be that you are searching for more meaningful work or you have identified your passions and want to pursue a career in an area you are interested in. Whatever the pull is, it’s never too late to explore new opportunities and aim for a career you’ve always dreamt of.  


Is it me or the job? 

Your mental health and wellbeing are a huge giveaway that you may or may not be in the right job. Feeling tired and drained of energy, not caring about your performance and not looking forward to Mondays is not sustainable and these are some of the many signs that you’re unhappy at work. All these signs can lead to you feeling permanently stressed, and as a result can start to impact your personal life- both physically and mentally.  

Studies have found that having a job you hate can be more detrimental to your mental health than having no job at all. Changing into a career that you find fulfilling will not only boost your confidence and self-esteem, but also improve your mental and physical wellbeing overall.  


So, what now? 

If you can relate to the signs above, then now is the time to start thinking about what you can do to take the next step towards your ideal job. Changing careers is just one of the many paths you can take and studying a postgraduate degree will help get you started.  

At the University of Adelaide, we offer a number of online postgraduate degrees, designed to develop your skills and knowledge around your unique set of existing commitments. To find out where our online degrees can take you, call one of our enrolment advisors today on 1300 294 092 or schedule a time and date that suits you.  

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