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MBA IT online


2 years part-time



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$4,578 per course

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Degree overview

Future IT leadership requires more than experience alone. It demands advanced strategic thinking and people management; mastery of global IT-industry economics; and deep self-awareness. We’ll help you achieve them all with a master's specialising in IT leadership. 

At the intersection of business leadership and technology, our Master of Business Administration (Information Technology) will prepare you for the challenges that IT leaders from all over the globe face, now and into the future.

Continue working while you complete the 100% online qualification. Open doors and apply now for a specialised MBA from a world-top-1% globally ranked university*.

*Times Higher Education, 2019; QS Rankings, 2019; Academic Ranking of World Universities, 2019.


Your online MBA experience  

The University of Adelaide online MBA (Information Technology) is designed to give you maximum flexibility. Here’s how a technology master's degree works:

100% online: Enjoy the freedom to structure your own schedule and go at your own pace.

Focused learning: Acquire skills quicker by completing an entire subject in a focused 6-week teaching block. You have the flexibility to start when you’re ready and scale back if you need.

World-leading education: This online degree is part of the University of Adelaide MBA suite, headed by our flagship Adelaide MBA—ranked number one in South Australia and number two nationwide**.

Continuous support: One-on-one academic, personal and career support at your fingertips throughout your master's in IT leadership.

**BOSS, The Australian Financial Review, 2019.

What skills will you gain?

Strengthen your marketability with our online MBA (Information Technology), emerging with the critical capabilities for today’s global IT marketplace. The online MBA (Information Technology) will equip you with:

  • socially responsible and future-focused IT management, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills
  • in-depth understanding of IT-industry economics and the field’s key challenges and solutions
  • the capacity to set, adapt and achieve enterprise-wide objectives in the technology realm
  • highly developed capabilities in collaboration and interpersonal communication
  • high-level skills in innovation, business strategy, marketing, and systems thinking
  • a thorough grasp of how to employ basic and applied research to support sustainable IT business growth and problem-solving.

Your career path

Broaden your skill set to give you the edge necessary to lead in the IT sector and establish yourself as an expert on both sides of the industry with an online master specialising in IT.

The practical skills you acquire can also be applied to your own business or help bring your start-up to life.

The versatility of the online MBA (Information Technology) opens up a broad range of possible career paths. The qualities and skills you gain will be transferable to any sector, including:

  • banking and financial services
  • consulting and strategy
  • science and technology
  • government
  • manufacturing
  • health care
  • agriculture
  • trade
  • construction
  • entrepreneurship
  • retail.

Where our MBA designed for technology leaders takes your career will be up to you.

  • Leadership and Influencing - MANAGEMT 7123OL

    The types of challenges that business leaders face today need individuals, including ourselves, to change. Understanding yourself is therefore paramount. 

    In this subject, you will explore your leadership story, philosophy, and areas for improvement.

    Using current development models, you will deepen your intellectual and emotional self-awareness. You will also learn how to adapt your leadership style, tools and behaviours to motivate your entire team.

  • Accounting and Financial Management - MANAGEMT 7126OL

    The purpose of this course is to improve your financial literacy and your capacity to assess the financial performance of an organisation.

    You will be introduced to the language and key concepts of accounting including:   

    • time value of money 
    • capital budgeting
    • risk-return paradigm
    • financing capital expenditure.

    You will grow your foundational knowledge of balance sheets, cash flow reports and earnings statements.

  • Marketing for Managers - MANAGEMT 7124OL

    Generating revenue, no matter the source or sector, requires marketing. This course offers an introduction to the purpose, nature and roles of the marketing discipline and how it applies to managers. 

    This course will equip you with the skills to:

    • evaluate markets
    • uncover consumer and buyer behaviour
    • target specific opportunities 
    • keep adjacent functions customer orientated.
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset - MANAGEMT 7125OL

    An entrepreneurial mindset is now essential for more than just those in the start-up sector. This course will enable you to cultivate and evaluate profitable opportunities, no matter the business setting. The aim of this course is to empower you with the entrepreneurial attitude and skill set, such as:

    • the ability to recognise opportunities 
    • fluid and adaptive decision-making skills
    • the agility to experiment and problem solve
    • the resilience to navigate ambiguity and uncertainty
    • a strong bias to action.
  • Innovation Management - MANAGEMT 7127OL

    Innovative enterprises outperform their non-innovative counterparts in terms of growth, financial performance, and employment. This course will equip managers with the know-how and tools to create, develop and manage breakthrough innovations. This course primarily explores the ways to turn ideas into successful outputs.

  • Managing People and Organisations - MANAGEMT 7128OL

    Smart processes, structures and a positive workplace culture can amplify your vision as a leader. In this course, you will examine the key influences and tools to enhance effective management action.

    The course will primarily focus on human factors that are dealt with by managers on a day-to-day basis including: 

    • ethical decision-making
    • mobilising and developing staff
    • managing interdependencies
    • analysing issues.
  • Managerial Economics - MANAGEMT 7244OL

    External environmental factors have major implications for your business. Managerial Economics will teach you the link between economic principles and everyday decision-making. For example, how to allocate scarce resources to meet enterprise goals will be addressed. Other economic theories covered include:

    • contract theory 
    • managerial behavioural economics
    • game theory
    • pricing.
  • Research for Managers - MANAGEMT 7131OL

    This course introduces research tools you can use to reduce uncertainty when making important managerial decisions. You will be provided with an overview of:

    • the research process, framework, structure, and methodology
    • the difference between basic and applied research
    • research for strategy development.

    The course concludes with your final research project proposal, which University staff will use to assign you a supervisor for your final unit.

  • Management Challenges in IT - COMP SCI 7500OL

    This course will use strategic and risk management frameworks to explore common management challenges for enterprises functioning within, or supporting, the IT sector. 

    Discover the best-practice approaches to: 

    • systems integrity
    • cyber security 
    • system future planning 
    • IT resilience.
  • Doing Business in IT - COMP SCI 7501OL

    This course will use systems thinking and network approach frameworks to explore the unique aspects of the IT sector. This course will provide you with skills for how to make decisions and conduct business in areas such as:

    • contracts
    • governance
    • HR
    • finance
    • ethics 
    • compliance.

    You will also learn how stakeholder engagement and cultural factors affect the success of IT or IT-adjacent organisations. 

  • Research Project - MANAGEMT 7132OL

    The purpose of the final research project is to take the learning out of the classroom and into the workplace. Students are able to work in teams (from two to three students) or one-on-one with supervisors. 

    The final research project is the equivalent to two courses and will span two online teaching periods.

    The research project will involve: 

    • conducting unique research
    • analysis
    • preparing a report
    • making a final presentation.

Entry requirements

Collaborative learning is at the core of our online MBA (Information Technology). Activities and exercises will require you to problem-solve and draw on real-world examples. As such, relevant work experience is important for your success.

To be eligible for our online MBA (Information Technology), you need to meet one of the following requirements:

  1. A completed undergraduate bachelor degree (or equivalent) and a minimum of 2 years’ relevant work experience.
  2. No degree, completed GMAT with a score of >500 and a minimum of 2 years’ relevant work experience.
  3. A complete University of Adelaide Graduate Certificate in Business Administration.

All students must meet English language requirements.

If you do not meet the above entry requirements, you may be eligible to study our Graduate Certificate in Business Administration.


How to apply

To apply for the University of Adelaide’s online MBA (Information Technology), you first need to create an account via the University of Adelaide Application Portal.

Once you have verified your account, complete your online application form and upload the following supporting documents:

  • valid photo ID (passport or driver's licence)
  • proof of citizenship / permanent residency (this can also be a passport)
  • transcripts from your completed bachelor degree or equivalent
  • change of name documents, if applicable (e.g marriage certificate)
  • english language requirements (if you are an international applicant).

For assistance with your application, contact us on 1300 293 830.

When can I start? 

There are six intakes into the MBA program throughout the year: January, March, May, July, August and October. Applications typically close four weeks before the online teaching period commences.Check out the Important dates section for further details. 

What is the total cost?

$54,936 or $4,578 per course

Is there FEE-HELP available?

Yes, Australian citizens are eligible for a HELP loan. You must also be enrolled in a program with the University of Adelaide by the enrolment deadline (census), and have not reached the HELP loan limit.

Once you have been offered a place in the University of Adelaide program, you will be able to apply for a HELP loan as a part of the enrolment process. See our FAQs section for further details.